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What is NAD+?

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that is involved in many cellular processes.

NAD+ is a key player in the process of cellular respiration, which is where it interacts with the electron transport chain to produce ATP, the primary source of cellular energy. NAD+ also functions as a substrate for enzymes involved in DNA repair, energy metabolism, regulating gene expression, and controlling cellular processes such as cell aging and death.

The Key To


The health of numerous tissues and organs, such as the heart, muscles, and brain, depends on NAD+. The body's capacity to produce NAD+ naturally declines with aging, which can have a variety of negative health effects. Decreased levels of NAD+ have been linked to aging, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes.

Hence, raising NAD+ levels has emerged as a key field of study for creating treatments for age-related illnesses and enhancing general health and wellness.


Energy Production

Cellular respiration and ATP production

DNA Repair

Maintains DNA integrity and prevents mutations that may lead to cancer and other diseases


Promotes activity of sirtuins - regulates cell processes - DNA repair, metabolism, stress response


Helps prevent brain cell damage - reduces inflammation and oxidative stress

Athletic Performance

Improves endurance and reduces fatigue

Weight Loss

Boosts metabolism

Addiction Treatment

Reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms



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  • IV Push - 15 minute administration
  • IV Infusion - 60 minute infusion depending on patient

Step 2: 15 minute medical consultation

Step 3: Reap all the benefits of NAD+ - from boost of energy and mental clarity to enhanced mood and reduction in stress


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